The calendar below gives a week by week view of events at Taunton & Pickeridge. It lists a wide range of competitions plus the club's social occasions throughout the year. The use of a Google Calendar represents a change from how we listed things previously and this method (like everything else on the website) is not set in stone.

Here's how the calendar display works:

  • Golf events always shown in green
  • If a golf event has a specific time blocked out, then the 1st tee is reserved during that time.
  • Golf events at the top of each day have no tee reservations (TUAP's etc...).
  • Other events are shown in yellow and do not have any tee reservations associated with them. 

We can share this calendar with members who have a Google account, so that you can view it in your own Google calendar. If you have a smart phone you can also view the events on your phone's calendar app. Just send an email from your Google Mail account to and we'll add you to our shared calendar list.

Important - as you're currently viewing this calendar on a device with a small screen, we strongly recommend that you rotate to landscape view for ease of use.

Shared Calendar - Alternative Method

As an alternative method of viewing our events in your own Google calendar, you can use the email address below. Simply copy and paste it into the "add a friend's calendar" in the "Other Calendars" section on your Google calendar home page.

Calendar email link:

1st Tee Calendar - Yearly Schedule

For a listing of all 1st tee reservations throughout the year please follow this link to BRS Golf. You'll be able to view a comprehensive listing including bookings for socities, matches and scheduled competitions.