Visitors to Taunton & Pickeridge Golf Club have long been able to book tee-times and we have now extended that facility to our members too.

Addressing this situation was the primary reason for the decision, which will of course raise many perfectly valid questions, along with some concerns.

This page should help answer many of those questions and help to address those concerns. This isn’t an exhaustive list though, so do feel free to get in touch if there’s anything else you’d like to know.

Q – Why have tee-times been introduced?

A – Purely to address the current situation which allows visitors to book a time, but not our members

Q – Is this just the first move to tee-times across the board?

A – No. We cannot rule out ever making such a change, but this is most certainly not a first step towards such a policy

Q – How far in advance can I book?

A – Members can book off peak tee times (after 2pm) up to 14 days in advance on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday

Q – How many people can I book into a time slot?

A – Members can book up to 2 tee times per day with up to 4 names within each slot

Q – Why are introducing “off peak tee-times”? Surely there is no need for tee reservations at such times.

A – Because we wish to address the inequality described in the first answer above

Q – What about roll-ups?

A – We are not aware of any established roll-ups take place after 2pm on any given day, so such informal groups will remain unaffected. Two tee times are bookable so this allows for mini roll ups of 8 people on any of days mentioned

Q – Will there be a penalty for people who book a tee-time and don’t turn up?

A – The club is not in the business of wishing to penalise anyone. We will however be monitoring all aspects of tee booking.

Q – What’s to stop people booking lots of tee-times and then just cancelling them at the last minute?

A – As in the answer above, we’ll be keeping an eye on how the system is used. However, we don’t envisage such a situation occurring.

Q – Can I cancel at short notice?

A – Yes of course, though of course the earlier a player cancels, the more likely it is that another member will make use of the vacated time.

Q – Will I have to sign-in at the Pro-Shop?

A – There won’t be a system for signing in as such, but we ask players to advise the Pro-Shop before they make their way to the 1st tee.

Q – Do I have to sign-in if I haven’t booked a tee-time?

A – Not at all. However the tee-time bookings will allow those who haven’t booked to better judge when to play.

Q – What happens if there’s a group or groups waiting to play at a time I’ve booked?

A – The member who has taken the time to pre book their tee time will have priority. Note that it is extremely rare for any sort of queue at bookable/off-peak times. We appeal to all to respect other member’s bookings

Further Questions and Feedback

Please do let the club know your thoughts, experiences and suggestions. We are keen to deliver a system that works well for members and visitors alike. Once again please understand that this is designed to enhance member’s enjoyment of their club