“From beginner to elite player, the Golf Academy at Taunton & Pickeridge is your pathway to better golf”.
Simon Stevenson PGA Director of Golf

The Golf Academy will provide the very best in golf coaching from beginner to expert. Our teaching philosophy is that every player is an individual and we work closely with that player, allowing them to play to their potential and enjoy the game more.

We will help you to understand your swing better and most importantly work with what you’ve got to fine tune your existing swing and technique.

This year-round programme of golf coaching is tailored to the needs of specific groups such as new adult beginners, juniors, ladies or older players. In each case the aim is to introduce the game and enable the player to feel comfortable and confident in the company of other learners.

To that end we have developed a simple “golfer’s pathway”. This system allows players to see how they may progress from beginner to competent golfer and also to explore what membership and coaching options may suit them during this process.

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“Inspire, Educate and Engage”

Golfer’s Pathway – A Summary:

Step 1: Beginner Lessons

A six week programme with no obligation to join. You’ll experience our facilities and find out about the club and the course.

Step 2: On-Course Experience

You’ve learnt how to hit the ball so now it’s time to take to the course. Play with a PGA Professional coach during sessions which promote-self discovery.

Step 3: Beginner Membership

A package giving access to the course plus individual tuition. We’ll assess your strengths and weaknesses as your golf improves.

Going Further…

Once you’ve progressed through the pathway you’ll enjoy the benefits of continual improvement. Competitive golf starts here and many players will see their handicaps drop into single figures. As you advance we can provide tailored coaching, enabling you to reach your full potential.

Here at T&P we LOVE golf, and if you’d like to know more please call us on 01823 421537, or email ali@tauntongolf.co.uk

Finally, if you’d like to download our Golf Academy leaflet, which fully explains the golf pathway and also includes information about Junior Golf, just click here.

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