Greenkeepers Blog 18th October 2018

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The team have been busy over the last couple of weeks with essential greens maintenance. All greens have been hollow tined to reduce thatch, top dressed, verti drained , brushed, cut and rolled to try and impact golfers as little as possible. The weather window was ideal for this as we then had Storm Calum to wash in the dressing! After last weekends storms the team have been busy getting the bunkers back in play, clearing debris, improving our winter greens and overseeding fairways.

All buggy users please be careful and drive buggies in the semi rough, accelerate smoothly to stop wheel spinning and follow ALL direction signs and ropes. We have seen several instances of damage from buggies as the course has softened, please use responsibly to ensure we can keep buggies on as long as possible.

The Greenkeepers’ Blog – 13th August

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Over the past week we have spent a lot of time brushing, verti-cutting & grooming prior to cutting the greens to refine the coarse grasses. This allows the greens to roll fast and true giving us excellent surfaces to putt on.

We have also Hydrojetted 6 of the last 7 weeks. This is a method of aeration using high pressure jets of water, with minimal disruption to the playing surface. It opens up the surface allowing both gas exchange, and better infiltration of water to the roots.

New Toro roller being put to use
Weeding paths

The Greenkeepers’ Blog – 28th June

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We'v been spending a lot of time getting the course in really good shape for next week's Pro-Am. It's certainly one of the events during the year when visitors judge our club and course so tip-top presentation and playability is what we're aiming for. So we've been strimming and trimming, mowing, cutting and cleaning to be ready for the main event.

We've also been using a water injection machine to aerate the greens. The process isn't used for watering, just to help create a porous surface which the water from the sprinklers can penetrate. A few photos below but we've been a bit busy to take any more this week...

The Greenkeepers’ Blog – Tuesday 19th June

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Roger says: "Shaun and Nigel strimmed All the banks and ditches yesterday so today I spray all the strimmed areas with a product called Laser. Laser is a graminicide with takes out coarse grasses such as Cooch and Ryegrass. This should refine the banks making them less penal for the golfers, easier to maintain and help improve their appearance. The practice ground look rather sexy after Monday’s cut. We’ll be doing a lot of detailing over the next couple of weeks in preparation for the Pro Am".

The Greenkeepers’ Blog – Wednesday 13th June

The Greenkeepers’ Blog – Wednesday 13th June

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Some decent weather has allowed us to get on top of the grass factory. A drop in heights of cut. Fairways 15mm Tees and Aprons 9.5mm Greens 4.5mm semi rough 28mm Rough 40mm. Hopefully All banks and ditches will be strimmed this week followed up by a spray with graminicide which should refine the banks by taking out the coarse grasses. In the last couple of days we’ve final surpassed the 10ft stimpmeter reading on the greens.

The Greenkeepers’ Blog – 4th June 2018

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It's all about cutting the grass at this time of the year, and we're keeping on top of things a little by taking the fairways down to 15mm instead of 17mm. We're cutting the greens a little shorter now too, with 4.5mm being the new cut length. We've also been maintaining the greens with some grooming, using vertical blades to refine the grass and take care of seeds.

The pictures show the course looking great, with cherries starting to grow on the trees at the side of the 5th fairway, and golfers who push their tee shot a little left of the 14th might spot some pyramid orchids. The photo below was taken there just this morning.

We hope you enjoy the blog, and the positive comments are still very welcome.

The Greenkeepers’ Blog – 23rd May

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The grass is going mad and we are mowing everywhere to have the course ready for a great weekend of golf. Nigel also been picking up all of the cuttings to keep things clean and tidy. Cutting heights around the course are as follows:

  • Fairways: 17mm
  • Tees and Collars: 11mm
  • Greens: 5.25mm
  • Rough: 60mm

Some repairs to the sprinklers have been taking place too and we're very grateful to the members who have complimented us on how the course looks and plays right now. It's nice to be appreciated 🙂

The Greenkeepers’ Blog – 15th May

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We’ve quadra hollow-tined the greens 1.5 inches deep with a 1.5cm spacing. The tine size is just 8mm so it's less disruptive to the putting surface. We top-dressed a 20 tonne (1 tonne per green) of Rootzone mix (70% sand,30% soil) then double brushed the dressing in and followed up with a cut.

Having dedicated Monday and Tuesday to greens maintenance we will now turn our attention back to the rest of the course. Cut,cut,cut. Fairways, practice areas, semi-rough, rough and tees, collars.

Full rake on the bunkers and hole change for tomorrow.

Greenkeepers’ Blog – Monday 14th May

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More hollow tining, mowing the grass which is growing at an alarming rate, and just generally keeping the course looking brilliant. It's a beautiful Monday and anyone playing this week is going to find a course in peak condition. Also, check out the arty photos from Roger! The T&P media team seems to have a rival...

The Greenkeepers’ Blog – Wednesday 2nd May

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On Monday and Tuesday we pencil tined all the greens followed by a cut and a roll. Wednesday's rain meant a bit of extra work re-raking bunkers but we're on top of things now and concentrating on getting the course ready for a busy few days over the bank holiday weekend. Very pleased to have had so many positive compliments from the members about the course condition too, we do appreciate it.

The last two photos show the new marker posts that we've now placed around the pond, and the metal ones they've replaced. This was a health and safety issue raised by the golf committee and we're happy to address such things.

The Greenkeepers’ Blog – 29th April

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The work goes on, even in Friday's wet weather. We took the chance for a bit of creative strimming and gave some TLC to the greens mower units following the top dressing. The weather was a lot better for Saturday and those who played in the President's Cup reported that the course was playing extremely well. We do our best 🙂

The Greenkeepers’ Blog – 26th April

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We've been working on getting good definition into the rough and fairways, and bringing some uniformity to some of the trees around the course. An early morning double rainbow was well worth a photograph and some lovely wild flowers are springing up. All in all it's really starting to look great, in time for many months of golfing fun.

The Greenkeepers’ Blog – 25th April

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Some really good weather has meant that we've been almost too busy for photos and blogging, but here are a couple of images showing our work. On Monday we gave all of the greens a heavy top dressing, then a brush and a cut, with almost no disruption to golfers.

Keeping the players playing without getting in their way is always something that's important to us, so on the few occasions that we disrupt things we ask that you bear with us whilst we're making your course as good as it can be.

The Greenkeepers’ Blog – 16th April

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There were two inches of rain in the early part of last week, yet we managed to keep to 18 main greens right through from Thursday to Saturday. We've been cutting the tees and greens and some rough, but a lot of the rough remains too wet to be cut. The new fairway markers are out, freshly painted, making the course look even more special.

The first photo is quite interesting, it shows just how effective the verti-drain work has been. That's a playable green despite having suffered an enormous amount of rainfall, as you can tell from the puddle.

The Greenkeepers’ Blog – 11th April

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Below are a few interesting photos from Shaun, the first of which shows the hazard posts and distance markers having been painted for the new season. That alone is a pretty big job. Then we have a couple of photos showing a puddle which formed underneath the 17th fairway. The water built up with nowhere to go in the clay so Roger had to dig away some turf to relieve the pressure.

The photos of two ditches on the 2nd show just how well they deal with water. Some members have asked us if they work because they're often empty, but they most certainly do work, shifting water off of the course very quickly.

Then there's a couple of pictures of a sprinkler, which has had grass and soil gradually accumulate around it. Eventually this stops them raising from the ground and they break, so we have a special tool to cut the ground accordingly.

There's also a photo of the bunker on 18 being pumped out and whilst the pump is on the course we've also used it to empty the soakaways on the 10th and 12th holes which always need attention after so much rain. We dig soakaways at various locations around the course, fill them with stones and sink a pipe to the bottom of them. They're essentially just big buckets to take water from around the greens, but the clay soil out there means they need to be emptied as they won't drain on their own, other than in summer when cracks below ground can assist with the process.


The Greenkeepers’ Blog – 9th April

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Our greens are still benefiting from our more intensive maintenance and they're drying so much quicker after the verti-draining. They're having a cut and roll for the Seniors TUAP. Also this week we'll be bringing in the ropes and hoops and more of the grass tees will be in play.

The Greenkeepers’ Blog – 5th April 2018

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Roger is on holiday so thanks to Shaun for taking photos. A bit of decent weather has helped us crack on with some work on the bunkers and with the mowers out with vengeance the course is becoming all lovely and stripey. There's a report from Jeff Mills out soon, it will be published with the next club newsletter and it contains a good amount of information about course conditions in March and plans for the coming months.