Cut your Golf Membership Fees by around 35%

Read about shared membership – An exciting and innovative idea from Taunton & Pickeridge Golf Club.

Golf is changing, and golf clubs are changing. Club members want more for their money, and we think that our Shared Membership initiative is unique, exciting and perhaps even a little revolutionary. We don’t believe another club in the UK runs a scheme like this, but we think that for some golfers, it will be the ideal way to enjoy the benefits of a club at a highly affordable price.

Many golf clubs have seen a drop in membership levels over the last few years, but the numbers of people playing golf continues to rise. There are more golf societies than ever before and we’ll be the first to recognise the appeal of transient golf on what is effectively a “pay as you play” basis. However, as membership numbers decline, so does the number of clubs. We take no pleasure in seeing clubs go out of business, and we’d like to think that in time, the concept of shared membership will be of countrywide interest.

When someone doesn’t renew their membership at Taunton & Pickeridge, a reason often cited is that they don’t feel they get good value from their fee because they don’t play enough golf. It’s a fair point and we recognise that some members have considerably more time to play, on more days, than others do.

Our solution is Shared Membership and the concept is simple:

For a fee of just £1095.00, two players enjoy shared FULL membership of Taunton & Pickeridge Golf Club. The ONLY restriction is that those two people are not permitted to play on the same day, other than Tuesdays and Sunday afternoons. We know that having read this far you’ve got questions and we’d like to answer them. If, when you’ve finished reading you want to know more just give us a call.

Sounds Good, I’m In! – What Do I Do Now?

Simple – Just complete and send the enquiry form below.

There’s no obligation of course but we will add you to our database and help you to find a golfer to share your membership with. If you already have someone in mind, whether or not they are a member of the club then just let us know and we’ll progress things to the next stage.

Shared Membership Enquiry Form

Shared Membership Scheme Questions

What is a shared membership?

It’s a brand new type of membership which allows you to share your membership with another person. How the membership is divided is entirely at the discretion of the shared members themselves. The only condition is that both shared members cannot play the golf course on the same day (apart from Tuesdays and Sunday afternoons). Therefore your shared partner would be one you do not play regularly with. Two days a week (Tuesdays and Sunday PMs ) will be designated a day when both when both shared members can play.

Can I share my membership with a current Taunton and Pickeridge GC member?

Yes, the scheme is available to a current member and new shared partner or two new shared partners.

Who else might I share my membership with?

Relatives, work colleagues, members of other clubs – there are no restrictions

Will the club help me to find a potential shared membership partner?

Yes, the club office will collect details of both members and non-members who are interested in this scheme and will act as broker in aiding the creation of a shared membership partnership. We will not advise on the nature of this shared partnership or on any financial terms.

What is the cost of a shared membership?

Currently £1,095 per year for two people.

Can I share my membership with more than one person?

No, the terms are for a partnership of 2 people only. The nature of the partnership is for the individuals to negotiate

Can I represent the club at another club while my shared membership partner plays at Taunton and Pickeridge?

Yes, the only stipulation is that both partners cannot play the course on the same day (except Tuesdays and Sunday afternoons)

Why has Tuesdays and Sundays been chosen as the shared days?

Tuesday is ladies’ day and this membership is particularly aimed at pairs of ladies who are interested in golf club membership. Sunday afternoons are also quiet periods on the golf course.

If I have previously been a T and P member can I join the scheme?

Yes, but you must have been resigned for two or more years before returning.

Are there additional costs?

Yes, both shared members will prepay a bar credit fee of £75, the facilities of the clubhouse will be available to both shared members on every day and they will be entitled to discounts etc. off their own membership card. In addition EGU affiliation fees will be due if the shared member has not already paid them elsewhere.

What is the catch?

There is no catch! This scheme is a brand new, unique membership scheme ensuring all members both new and current gain full value for their membership while at the same time the course is played evenly over the week.

I’m interested!

Excellent. Just click here to download an application form or click here to register online.

There’s no obligation of course but we will add you to our database and help you to find a golfer to share your membership with. If you already have someone in mind, whether or not they are a member of the club then just let us know and we’ll progress things to the next stage.

We’re glad you’ve read this far and we hope you’re as excited about shared membership as we are. Please remember, we’re just a phone call away on 01823 421537 if you’d like to talk to us.