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It is maintained by members of the Golf Committee, plus representatives of the Junior and Senior sections. Not all results will be published here, but we will do our best to keep the page reasonably well updated.

Professional’s Open Day Results

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Main Results

1st – Roy Miller and Gary Wide – 47 points – Titleist 5 Stand Bag

2nd – Rob Darvell and Michael Brunton – 43 points – Vokey Wedge

3rd – Jonathn Street and James Willis – 42 points – FJ Energise and Socks

4th – Helen Hayward and Liz Stevens – 42 – Ping Moon

5th – Mike Crump and John Snell – 42 – PGC Headcover

Spot Prizes

NTP 2nd – Jason Brock – PGC125 Cap and Towel

LD 5th – Stuart Milton – PGC125 Cap and Towel

LD 7th (Ladies) – Liz Stevens  – PGC125 Cap and Towel

NTP 8th – Helen Hayward  – PGC125 Cap and Towel

NTP 10th – Jamie Tong – PGC125 Cap and Towel

NTP 16th (Ladies) – Helen Hayward – PGC125 Cap and Towel

NTP in Two 18th – Stuart Milton – £250.00 (in the Hole!)

125 Ladies’ Invitation

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The Power Play (risk and reward for playing to the harder of the two flag positions on the green) format on the three selected holes meant some high scores were returned.

1st Jacky Ford and Gin Stewart-Burnett 51 pts on countback

2nd Gill Shire and Karin Potter 51 pts

3rd Jackie Pike and Diane Dee 48 pts

4th Lennox Heath and Chris Hannam 46 pts on countback

Best Front 9 Heather Crump and Chris Collins 24 pts

Best Back 9 Jenny Bevan and Liz Stevens 26 pts on countback

The Yellow Ball Competition

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1st – R. Irish, L. Leader, M. Langford, M. Gaskin 158 points

2nd – C. Hardy, D. Potter, T. French, J. Dyke 152 points

3rd – R.Darvell, M.Brunton, M.Mittermaier, S.Frost 151 points

4th – D. Clark, P. Lang, D. Clarke, G. Dight 150 points (74 back)

5th – A. Jubb, A. Jubb, A. Turle, J. Land 150 points (69 back)

6th – J. Brock, B. Hardwill, K. Oxley, M. Bird 148 points (69 back)

7th – R.Wallbutton,D.Breakwell, G.Adams, J.Foster 148 points (66 back)

8th – A.Johnston, C.Hooper, S.Coomber, M.Short 145 points (73 back)

9th – M. Moore, H. Crump, M. Crump, S. Allan 145 points (64/44 back 6)

10th – K.Wiggins,E.Whall, D.Powell, B.Whittall 145 points (64/41 back 6)

11th – I. Sutcliffe, P. Jones, S. Olive, R. Bond 145 points (62 back)

12th – G. Wide, R. Feetenby, R. Miller, N. Shattock 143 points (64 back)

13th – A. Rose, A. Howe, G. Brooks, G. Hammond 143 points (63 back)

14th – F.Kirkham,P.Hewton,T.Nuttall,K.Marlborough 142points (69back)

15th – K. Welsher, T. Salter, J. Attree, M. Bushen 142 points (67 back)

16th – S. Sully, D. Fiander, G. Lee, C. Chedzoy 142 points (66 back)

Around 25% of teams lost their yellow ball, including two teams who lost it in the first hole. Please also note that there were a few arithmetic errors that needed correcting, which is why some scores are different from those recorded by the teams.

Three-Ball Open Results

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1st: Matt Bettridge, Paul Deal, Peter Bettridge – 83

2nd: Pete Scarrat, Jason Brock, Richard Maslen – 78

3rd: James Symons, Jamie Tong, Jon Ball – 78

4th: Andy Rhodes, Jeff Salter, Jane Salter – 76

5th: Graham Hayward, Helen Hayward, Val Hayward – 76

6th: Trevor French, Norman Llewellyn, Jane Ledsham – 76

7th: Tim Greenslade, Martin Jewell, Simon McIvor – 75

8th: Andy Jones, Adrian Jones, Gary Thomas – 74

9th: Joe Knowles, Jim Allan, Phil Barrett – 73

10th: Anna Rees, Paddy Farrell, Jackie Pike – 73

For full results please follow this link.

Griffin Cup Mixed Greensomes Results

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1st Cliff Phur and Lennox Heath 46 points

2nd Trevor French and Mary-Jo Shepherd 45 points (on count-back)

3rd Ian Sutcliffe and Rosie Spragg 45 points

4th Paddy Farrell and Jenny Scobie 43 points

Many congratulations to Mary-Jo Shepherd for her Hole-in-One on the 10th hole.

The Musgrove Cup

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Main Event

1st Place – Stephen and Mercy Lamb – 48 points
2nd Place – Paul Gough and David Price – 46 points
3rd Place – Mike and Heather Crump – 46 points
4th Place – Lee Lewis and Sarah Rendall – 45 points
5th Place – Andrew Ford and Max Waller – 45 points
6th Place – John Humphrey and Sue Morrell-Wetherall – 44 points

Spot Prizes

2nd – Nearest the Pin – Neil Grout
6th – Nearest the Pin – John Godley
8th – Nearest the Pin – John Godley
10th – Nearest the Pin Men – John Riches
16th – Nearest the Pin Ladies – Sue Morell-Weatherill
15th – Nearest the Pin in Two – Jack Hayes – Thanks to Kia Taunton for the prize.
18th – Nearest the Pin in Two – Andrew Ford

Raffle Winners

Golf Cap – Alex Campbell
Golf Cap – Derek Blackmore
Golf Cap – Steve Pike
Golf Cap – A Webb
Golf Cap – K Ashton
Golf Cap – P Hewton
Cricket Shirt – Mike Liddell
Vin Rouge Tile – Nigel Blanning
Carvery Voucher – Kevin Hancock
Carvery Voucher – Sheila Bowden
4 Ball Voucher – Max Waller
4 Ball Voucher – John Humphrey
4 Ball Voucher – John Stafford
4 Ball Voucher – Rob Hutchinson
Lesson with Chris Wyatt – Mike Robinson
Lesson with Ali Williams – John Wall
Fiesta Tile – Gary Wide
Basket of Fruit – Patrick Simpson
Bottle of Red Wine – Colin Warne
Bottle of White Wine – Malcolm Phillips
Ping Golf Bag – Glen Brookes
Bottle of Gin – Jeff Land

Ladies’ 125 Open Results

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1st Amanda Wookey, Joan Paterson, Rachel Paul and Mary McConalogue            87 pts

2nd Denise Case, Rosemary Bickham, Jenny Scarth and Alison Prideaux-Brune    84 pts

3rd Stephanie Hewitt, Sarah Whiting, Angela Anstey and Jan Preston                     83 pts on count-back

4th Shane Bordier, Rosemary Webber, Sandra Lawrence and Sue Reed                83 pts

5th Janet Towers, Jackie Hooker, Angela Heysham and Meredith Christopher        82 pts on count-back

Nearest the pin (Bronze) on 6th hole – Angela Heysham

Nearest the pin (Silver) on 16th hole – Lesley Davies

Nearest the pin in 2 shots on 18th hole – Lesley Wills

Longest drive (Bronze) on 11th hole – Heather Bleach

Longest drive (Silver) on 5th hole – Carolyn Stait


PGC 125 Junior Open Results

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Nine Hole Competition

1st = George Thomas nett 26
2nd= James Pellow nett 31
3rd = Pierre Clifford nett 36

Nearest the Pin on 6th
George Thomas


Eighteen Hole Competition

(Please note the winners of the gross event places could then not win a nett prize).

Girls Overall Winner Lowest Gross – Hannah Carthew
Overall Winner Lowest Nett – Elin Tynan


Overall Winner Lowest Nett – George Mills
Overall Winner Lowest Gross – James Rew

Boys Section 1

1st Medal – Bailey Langford
2nd Medal – Alfie Jubb
3rd Medal – Oliver Griffiths

1st Nett – Charlie Hooper
2nd Nett – Adam Jolly
3rd Nett – Tom Buckley

Boys Section 2

1st Medal – James Rew
2nd Medal – George Mills
3rd Medal – Finn Buckley
4th Medal – Caleb Wickham

1st Nett- Ben Thompson
2nd Nett – Max Oliver
3rd Nett – Thomas Rew
4th Nett – Freddie Eglin

Spot Prizes

Boys – Nearest the pin on 2nd
Bailey Langford

Boys – Nearest the Pin on 6th
Bailey Langford

Boys – Nearest the Pin on 8th
James Rew

Boys – Nearest the Pin on 10th
George Mills

Boys – Nearest the Pin on 16th
Max Oliver

Girls – Nearest the Pin on 6th
Elin Tynan

Girls – Nearest the Pin on 6th
Hannah Carthew

Event Photographs

Follow this link to our gallery page. For high resolution versions of images please email

The Men’s Invitation2017

The Men’s Invitation2017

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Winners 45 Roy Parminter and Iain Robertson
2nd Place 45 Andy Willett and Chris Brice
3rd Place 45 Neil Aries and Steve Bateman
4th Place 44 Mark Langford and Dave Keates
5th Place 44 Patrick Simpson and Neil Horgan

Nearest the Pin
2nd – Andy Willett
6th – Max Putnam
8th – Lee Lewis
10th – Tony Parr
14th – David Clarke
15th – Steve Batemen
16th – Harry Brown

Longest/Straightest Drive
Steve Berry

Ladies’ Captain’s Day

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Jenny Bevan’s Ladies’ Captain’s Day was a Bowmaker Stableford with four PowerPlay holes rewarded with double points.

1st Ali McGown, Marion Mittermaier and Margaret Nation 106 points

2nd Sarah Allan, Janet Kingston and Senga Westwater 95 points

3rd Rosie Spragg, Liz Reeve and Margaret Farley 90 points

Nearest the Pin on the 16th hole was Vicky Davies

Winner of the 9-hole Stableford was Jackie Denton-Cox with 26 points

Winner of the Putting Competition was Marlene Ewens

Club Championships 2017

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Results of the 2017 Club Championships are as follows:

Gross – Hart Trophy

1st – Sam Sloman – 67, 67 – Total 134
2nd – Curtis Edwards – 71, 69 – Total 140
3rd – Kobe Adams – 73, 68 – Total 141

Nett – Cole Cup

1st – Sam Sloman – 68, 68 – Total 136
2nd – Barry Hardwill – 69, 68 – Total 137
3rd – Paul Wathen – 66, 72 – Total 138

Full Results

Please follow this link to view the final scores from all players.

125 Ladies’ Club Championship

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Gross Results

1st Fiona Lockyer (149); 2nd Helen Hayward (157); 3rd Jacky Ford (173)

Nett Results

1st Judy Powell (143); 2nd Rose Jarvis (147); 3rd Jenny Bevan (148)

Bronze Champion – Jackie Pike (gross 195)

2017 Pro-Am Results

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Professional Competition

1st (tied) – Paul Hendriksen and Richard Dinsdale (-5)

3rd (tied) – Scott Drummond, Craig Melding and Lee Thompson (-3)

Pro-Am Competition

1st – Mark Wiggett (Professional), Marcus Sharif, Robin Dowling, Graham Ford (-16)

2nd – Scott Drummond (Professional), Jim Mardell, Mike Angell, Kevin McCarty (-15)

3rd – Daniel Toogood (Professional), Tom Sloman, Fiona Lockyer, Tom Buckley (-14)

4th – Paul Hendriksen (Professional), Jim Allen, Eddie Buckley, Martin Brown (-14)

5th –  David Shepherd (Professional), Pete Underhill, Andy Palmer, Matt Parsons (-13)

6th – Greg Davies (Professional), Gerry Mulder, Richard Lloyd, Max Putnam (-12)

Other Prizes

Nearest the Pin on 2nd – Pete Whalley

Nearest the Pin on 6th – Pete Whalley

Nearest the Pin on 8th – Mike Robinson

Nearest the Pin on 10th – Mike Robinson

Nearest the Pin on 14th – Marcus Sharif

Nearest the Pin on 16th – Kobe Adams

Nearest the Pin in Two on 7th – Curtis Edwards

Nearest the Pin on Two on 15th – Max Putnam

Nearest the Pin in Two on 18th – Phil Barrett

Straightest/Longest Drive on 5th – John Breading

Putting Competition – Shaun Richards


125 Mixed Open and Seniors’ Mixed Open Results

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Thirty teams took part in the 125 Mixed Open and Seniors’ Mixed Open.

Mixed Open Results 

1st Visitors’ Prize: Steve and Andrea Milton, Neil and Sheila Faulkner (all Sidmouth)   89 pts

1st Prize: Iain Robertson (T&P), Paulette Bamberger-Worton (T&P), Malcolm and Amanda Head (Long Sutton)   87 pts

Longest Drive: Ladies – Jacky Ford (T&P)

Nearest the Pin: Men – Paul Binding (Enmore Park), Ladies – Sheila Faulkner (Long Sutton)

Seniors’ Mixed Open Results

1st Visitors’ Prize: Glynn and Jackie Aitken, Michael and Celia Wise (all Saunton)  83 pts

1st Prize: Mike and Heather Crump, Martin Moore and Jackie Pike (all T&P)   90 pts

2nd: John Wall, Rosie Spragg, Trevor French and Jane Ledsham (all T&P)   84 pts

3rd: Keith and Jenny Bevan (T&P), Rod and Liz Stevens (Cricket St Thomas)  83 pts

4th: Robert and Judith Dodd, Malcolm and Kate Rowe (all Thornbury)   82 pts

Longest Drive: Men – Ian Perkins (The Mendip), Ladies – Rosie Spragg (T&P)

Nearest the Pin: Men – Arthur Morgan (aged 81!, T&P), Ladies – Lynne Cox (The Mendip)

Nearest the Pin in 2 Shots (available to any player in either competition) – Carol Keenan (T&P)

PGC125 Weekend Competitions

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1st – Martin Alison, Mark Goodridge, Christ West, Mark Bushen – 91 Points

2nd – Paul Timbury, Chris Mogg, John Delacherie, Charlie Hooper – 90 Points

3rd – Jason Brock, Barry Hardwill, Gary Wide, Roy Miller – 90 Points

4th – Curtis Edwards, Ian Edwards, C Legg, B Riddle – 90 Points

Best Mixed Team – Rob Darvell, Marion Mittermaier, Sarah Frost, Guest – 85

Best Ladies Team – Mary Guy, Jenny Scobie, Marlene Ewens, Katy Davies – 83

125 Special Winners – Mike Crump, Heather Crump, Martin Moore, Sarah Allen – 19 Points

Nearest the Pin – Saturday – Richard Hatcher (16th)

Nearest the Pin – Sunday – John Delacherie (6th), Anne George (16th)

Junior Short Game Challenge

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Saturday 24th June scores for the juniors short game challenge

1st- Bailey = 50 points
2nd – Kyle = 47
3rd – Charlie = 45
4th – Freddie = 29

See you all on Saturday 15th July.

Husbands and Wives Greensomes Stableford 2017

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Congratulations to Peter and Maureen Hailes who won the Husbands and Wives Greensomes Stableford with a score of 42 points.  The couple won this competition 10 years ago and joked they are aiming to complete a hat-trick of wins in 2027!  Runners-up were Mike and Heather Crump with a score of 41 points who edged out Bob and Corinne Lyon on the back 9.

Captain’s Day Results

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Scores below. This was a “Medalford” competition, and the numbers after each team represent nett medal score, stableford points and final score.

1st – Paulette B-Worton, Helen Deaves, Lyn Gridley and Heather Crump 67 50 17
2nd – Jeanne Leader, Jackie Pike, Anna Rees and Jenny Bevan 61 44 17
3rd – Phil Jones, Chris Paterson, Andy Willett and Mike Willett 64 45 19
4th – Roger Howard, Nigel Gridley, Bob Stonehouse and Shaun Richards 61 42 19
5th – Georgia Calvert, Pete Richards, Terina Parker and Kevin Parker 58 39 19

Nearest the Pin on 6th (Ladies) – Jeanne Leader
Nearest the Pin on 16th (Men) – Rob Darvell
Parking Spot Draw – Patrick Simpson

Follow this link for full results.

Somerset League Juniors – T&P Leg

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Results as follows, with huge thanks to parents, organisers and the players.

1st Charlie Hooper 44 points
2nd Bailey Langford 40
3rd Ed Higgs 38
4th Tom Roberts 36
5th Reece Landen 36
6th Alix Kew 36
7th Troy Young 36
8th Ollie Brimfield 35
9th Ryan Thrupp 35
10th Brad Malone 35
11th Tom Buckley 34
12th Dan Cowen 33
13th Jack Partridge 33
14th Timo Scobie 33
15th Jake Bovington 32
16th Lauren Hansen 31
17th Tom Canavan 31
18th Eve Brimfield 31
19th Kyle Miller 30
20th Alfie Lovell 29
21st Sam Floyd 29
22nd Alfie Jubb 29
23rd William Andrews 28
24th Ashton Wylie 26
25th Freddie Lovell 25

Seniors’ Open 2017 Results

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1st – J Bishop and G Mullins – £80 each – 43 points
2nd – J Herring and G Miles – £50 each – 42 points (on countback)
3rd – J Warren and C Wheatcroft – £30 each – 42 points (on countback)
4th – R Abel and G Hull – £15 each – 42 points

1st – Andy Jones and Adrian Jones – £60 each – 46 points
2nd – Phillip Eve and Lyn Dewhurst – £40 each – 44 points
3rd – David Rigby and Chris Doyle – £20 – 42 Points (on countback)

Dennis Adams – Teign Valley Golf Club – £25

Pat Crane – Weymouth Golf Club – £25.00

There were 25 ‘2s’ all of whom received 2 sleeves of Titliest DT Trusoft Golf balls.

Ladies’ Captain’s Foursomes Medal Results

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1st Georgia Calvert & Ali McGown nett 71
2nd Mary Guy & Anna Rees nett 73
3rd Marion Mittermaier & Senga Westwater nett 77.5

The above pairs have qualified for the knock-out competition together with Heather Crump & Jill Paul; Pat Follett & Jeanne Leader; Lou Worth & Jacky Ford; Rosie Spragg & Val Hayward; Sue Walsh & Jenny Bevan.

Ladies’ Spring Meeting Results

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1st Jenny Scobie 37 pts
2nd Georgia Calvert 35 pts
3rd Rosie Spragg 35 pts


1st Liz Cutler 40 pts
2nd Sheila Beresford 37 pts
3rd Anna Rees 36 pts


1st Vi Gray 35 pts
2nd Margaret Farley 34 pts


Mary-Jo Shepherd, Margaret Blackaller, Louise Worth


Kath Bentham and Anne Watson


Jackie Lynn